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Please note we are not currently holding in-person services to comply with county health preventive recommendations for COVID-19. Please visit our sermons page to attend worship digitally.

St. Luke's Newsletter

Dear St. Luke’s Family,

I received a message from Bishop Megan Traquiar this afternoon asking the congregations in our diocese to refrain from gathering for regular worship at this time. This is in keeping with messages from Presiding Bishop Curry and also with Yolo County Health and Human Services.

The purpose of this is not only to protect those amongst our congregation who are high risk for complications from the COVID-19 virus, but also so that, in preventing large gatherings for a short period of time, we help prevent the spread of the virus out in our larger community and reduce the impact on our health system. In effect, this is a simple way that we at St. Luke’s can help each other, and help the people around us.

I know this will be difficult for many of us who appreciate the weekly touchstone of celebrating Eucharist together. Bishop Curry shared the words of Bishop Koevering in Kentucky, who called this step an opportunity to “practice a Lenten fast of public worship this week as a sign of love for one’s neighbor especially the most vulnerable.”

However, my good friends, even though we can’t be together in person, that doesn’t mean that we cannot worship together. This is the 21st century after all, and that means we have an app for that.

So on Sunday I invite you to attend worship on our website.

We will post an audio morning prayer service complete with a sermon from Father Steve Leonetti and we invite you listen along. This service will not be live, so you can tune in whenever you’re ready on Sunday morning. You don’t need any special software. Just a computer or a smart phone with a web browser and you’re good to go. You’ll have to make your own coffee, but you can attend church in your pajamas and bunny slippers and no one will be the wiser. Church for us isn’t just a building at 515 Second Street; it’s the space we make together.

I thank you all for your flexibility in this time of much change. Together we work through this with love and prayer, and we will be back together soon.