Sunday Service Times with Holy Eucharist.

The Holy Eucharist Rite I 7:30 a.m. (without music)

The Holy Eucharist Rite II 10:00 a.m. (with music)


Please note we are not currently holding services to comply with county health preventive recommendations for COVID-19. Please visit our sermons page to attend worship digitally.

Holy Week at Home

Holy Week approaches! While we cannot gather in the church building for Holy Week this year, we will still gather together in spirit. Below are some St. Luke’s resources for celebrating Holy Week at home.

We will continue to add to this space as we move into Easter. Come back soon for more materials.

Holy Week (Virtually) at St. Luke’s

  • We will post digital services read by St. Luke’s parishioners and featuring sermons by our guest The Rev. Suzanne Guthrie on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Watch our sermons page!
  • We have audio spiritual meditations from Rev. Suzanne that we are posting daily throughout Holy Week.
  • Download our Triduum Guide for Holy Week at Home for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil services. (Thanks to the Rev. Robin Denny and the Diocese of Northern California for these awesome materials.)
  • Rev. Suzanne has also made Triduum spiritual guides available on her website.

Build a Sacred Space

Build an altar space in your home for prayer and worship. It’s easy. You only need a little blank space (a window sill, a book shelf, a tray, etc.) and a few of the basic materials listed below that you probably have kicking around the house. Take a picture of your altar and send it to us so we can shares our spaces.

Some things you might include:

  • cloth
  • candle
  • cross
  • icon
  • flowers
  • objects from nature
  • a bible, prayer book, or favorite prayer

Here are a few other resources and instructions for making a home altar:
Making an Altar for Home
Sacred Space at Home

Stations of the Cross

Below are some meditation booklets for doing the Stations of the Cross at home.
Stations of the Cross Booklet: Courtesy of King of Peace Episcopal Church
Stations of the Cross Booklet: Woodcut images by Margaret Adams Parker

Holy Week with Kids

Holy Week at Home Coloring Book
Family Practices for the Triduum