Sunday Service Times with Holy Eucharist.

The Holy Eucharist Rite I 7:30 a.m. (without music)

The Holy Eucharist Rite II 10:00 a.m. (with music)


Please note we are not currently holding services to comply with county health preventive recommendations for COVID-19. Please visit our sermons page to attend worship digitally.

Acolytes at St. Luke's Woodland

Serve at St. Luke’s: Worship

There are a wide variety of ministries ensure that services are beautiful, inspiring, comfortable and run efficiently. Much of the beauty of the church and the liturgy would be impossible without the hard work of the volunteers who prepare the worship space and assist in the service. Flowers are arranged, bread is baked, and the altar is draped and prepared for Eucharist. And there is much more!  You are welcomed to volunteer for the many tasks necessary to beautify and prepare the church for worship. In turn, you may make a friend or two, learn a new skill, and perhaps increase your knowledge about the Liturgy and the Church! Volunteers prepare for or assist in the worship services. In this section of the website, you will find descriptions of these many ministries and information on how to get involved. Your participation in these ministries would be very much appreciated and is a wonderful way to meet others in the congregation. Thanks for looking!